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Improving Calf Definition by Fat Grafting

Improving Calf Definition by Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting Friday featuring calf augmentation. If you’re asking yourself, “Why can’t she just exercise?” Well, many patients are unable to improve the definition of the lower legs through exercise alone.In this calf augmentation procedure, 

Dr. Jimerson removed fat using liposuction from this patient’s (40 years old, 157 lbs, 5’6) abdomen, lower back, back bra roll, flanks and inner thighs. He then transferred the fat to her calf region (250 cc’s in each calf). Instead of using an implant, the benefits of using fat transfer include smaller incisions, better, more durable results, lack of foreign body reactions, possible additional augmentation and precise patient-specific adjustments. Candidates for calf enlargement include those bothered by the features of very thin legs, lack of any muscle definition in the calf region, and unevenness and asymmetry from side to side #plasticsurgery #innovation#calfaugmentation#fatgrafting #fattransfer#friday #fridaymood#drcurves #cosmeticsurgery

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