Dr. Curves Hottie Makeover Winter Sales 2023: Exclusive Offers for Registered Hotties

Special Treat for Our Giveaway Entrants!


Here’s to turning promises into fabulous realities! Congratulations on joining our giveaway! Get ready for an exclusive early bird access to amazing deals. We’re rolling out the red carpet just for you!

It’s your time to shine! Transform your look and uplift your spirit this winter.

Skinny BBL

Now for just $9,999, Slashed from $16,000

Get your glam on with Skinny BBL – only $9,999! without breaking the bank. Elevate your curves, elevate your confidence.

Snatched Package PDO Facelift

Elegance redefined for just $1,750 – A steal from the usual $4,500

Our Snatched Package PDO Facelift brings the youthful vibe you’re craving

Earlobe Repair

For just $600, A dip from the usual $800

Our Earlobe Repair service is a subtle yet powerful touch to rejuvenate your look with poise and confidence.


Now at a sweet $999 from $1,500

Our Dimpleplasty, now at a sweet $999 from $1,500, adds that irresistible charm to your grin. It’s your moment for a smile that lights up the room

Nubian Lips

Now just $400, down from $800

Double the lush, half the price! Step into the spotlight with lips that speak volumes.


3 Months Semaglutide (Weightloss)

Now just $800 from $1,500

Kickstart your fitness journey with our 3-month Semaglutide program. It’s more than weight loss; it’s about embracing a healthier you.

Don’t miss out on these dazzling offers—limited to 10 slots only. Step into a world of glamour, beauty, and confidence with Dr. Curves MedSpa & Plastic Surgery Practice.

Why Choose Dr. Curves?


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  3. Cutting-Edge Techniques:  Utilizing the latest innovations for superior results.