Spooky Skinny Shots

(2-Month Supply)

$1,000 $750

Savings: $250 + a FREE B-12 injection (worth $15) + FREE Consultation (worth $50)

Get ready to supercharge your wellness journey! Purchase a one-month supply of Semaglutide and enjoy the second month at half price. Plus, we’ll throw in a complimentary B-12 injection & a free consultation to boost your energy and vitality!

Russian Lip Filler

$800 $600

Savings: $200 + Free Consultation (worth $50)

Get ready to capture the perfect Halloween selfie! Enhance your look with our top-notch Russian Lip Filler and enjoy a limited-time offer of a $200 discount. Show off the gorgeous lips you’ve always desired and make a statement.


Double the Boos with Breast Enhancement Special

Offer: 10% off any Breast Procedure

Step up your beauty game this Halloween! Here’s an exclusive opportunity to achieve the look you’ve always dreamt of. Enjoy an incredible 10% discount.


Don’t miss out on these dazzling offers—limited to 10 slots only. Step into a world of glamour, beauty, and confidence with Dr. Curves MedSpa & Plastic Surgery Practice.

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