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Gym Rats are in for a Big Surprise……..

Gym Rats are in for a Big Surprise……..

Gym Rats are in for a Big Surprise……..

Do you find it difficult to make time to go to the gym? Do you work out often and eat healthy yet still can’t quite get the muscle definition that you desire?

On today’s episode of CurveLife TV we will see this patient turn his spare tire into sculpted, chiseled and contoured six pack!!

Some people go to the gym all the time and they just can’t get the definition that they desire in their abdomen. Abdominal Etching enhances what you already have. This procedure does not create muscles; it is simply removing the overlaying fat of the abdomen and muscle lining in a strategic fashion to emphasize your natural musculature.

Abdominal Etching/Hi-Def Liposculpture/3D liposculpture works best for people within a normal weight range that are looking for better definition. The contouring techniques used can help you achieve a narrower waistline and sculpted abs. Both women and men struggle with that tough layer of fat over the abdominal muscle that is keeping them from having a six pack.

Abdominal Etching is not for everyone. Ideally you will need to be physically fit and close to your ideal body weight for optimal results. If your body fat is more that 20 % you are not likely to be a candidate for this procedure.

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