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Getting Started is Easy
  • Research the Procedures
  • Research Our Team
  • Review Before & After Pictures
  • Schedule Your Procedure

How To Get Started

If you are interested in seeing if vaginal rejuvenation may be right for you, review the following steps to see how to get started:

Researching the Procedure

The first thing you will want to do is learn more about the procedure options you have available to you. We have many resources on our page to help you to understand exactly what causes these types of problems, and how we can help to fix them. For most patients, the more you can know about the procedure, the more comfortable you will be moving forward.

You can also look at other sites online to see just how effective it can be. This is a proven procedure that has helped thousands of women regain or enhance their sexual gratification. If you have any questions during your research, you can always contact us to get an answer.

Stop in for a Consultation

Once you are ready, you will want to call us to set up a consultation with Dr. J. During this consultation you will discuss your specific goals and desires, and the doctor will let you know what types of procedures will work best for you. You can ask any questions you might have at this time, and you’ll also be given information tailored specifically to what type of work you are having done.

While everyone is unique, consultations typically take about an hour and once it is completed you will be ready to schedule your procedures. We can work with you to schedule the procedure for a date and time that is convenient for your work or social calendar to help minimize any disruption.

Research Us

Knowing about the procedure is a great start. Once you are done with that, take some time to research Dr. J and our clinic. Everyone working at our facility is licensed, certified and qualified to perform their role in your procedure. This starts with Dr. J, who has years of experience performing vaginal rejuvenation procedures, and continues with all the staff including nurses, anesthesiologists, and others. We are all here to help ensure your experience goes smoothly.

Look at Before & After Photos

Many of our patients have given us permission to display before and after photos from their procedure. This is especially important for women who are looking to have a cosmetic procedure to improve the aesthetics of your genital region. In most cases whether your primarily objective is improving sensation or aesthetics, you’ll love the way you look after your recovery.