Transformative Weight Loss & Beauty Specials at Dr. Curves

Exclusive Weight Loss Wellness Package

Lose weight, not cash!


$665 $499

Experience the ultimate weight loss journey with our exclusive package for just $499. Say goodbye to unwanted pounds and embrace a new you!


1. Free SPA Consultation Originally priced at $50
2. One Month of Semaglutide – 4 weeks (Originally priced at $500)
3. Free IR Body Wrap – Originally priced at $100
4. Free B12 Injection – originally priced at $15

Labor Day Glamour Combo for Aesthetic Beauty

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

$750 $650

Transform your nose without the knife. Experience nose perfection with a non-surgical touch.

Jawline + Chin

$2,000 $1,800

Define your destiny with a jawline that’s a cut above. Our jawline and chin enhancement crafts an elegant profile.

Russian Lips

$800 $700

Pout with power and elegance, the Russian way. Achieve voluminous lips that speak volumes.

Snatched (Cheeks, Jaw, Nose, Lips)

$3,500 $3,100

Get the full-face finesse you desire. Cheeks, jaw, nose, lips – all snatched to perfection in one package.

Smile Line

$1,200 $1,000

Smile without the lines, smile with youthful elegance. Our smile line treatment lets your joy shine through.

Defined Package (Cheek + Jawline)

$2,500 $2,200

Sculpted beauty, defined by you. Our cheek and jawline package brings out your natural charm.

Don’t miss out on these dazzling offers—limited to 10 slots only. Step into a world of glamour, beauty, and confidence with Dr. Curves MedSpa & Plastic Surgery Practice.

Why Choose Dr. Curves?

  1. Trusted Authority:  Synonymous with excellence in aesthetics.
  2. Personalized Care:  Tailored treatments to fit your unique needs.
  3. Cutting-Edge Techniques:  Utilizing the latest innovations for superior results.

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