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Dermal Fillers: Calcium Hydroxylapatite

What are calcium hydroxylapatite injections?

Dermal fillers like Calcium Hydroxylapatite are used to fill the moderate-to-severe creases, like frown lines, marionette lines and nasolabial folds. This is the heaviest dermal filler – one example is Radiesse.

In addition to filling in area of the face, Calcium Hydroxylapatite is also used to enhance the fullness of the cheek and other contours of the face. It is a synthetic filler, which lowers your risk of an allergic reaction. It produces very natural results, and there are very few if any side effects.

Cost for calcium hydroxylapatite
Costs can vary based on individual patient needs and the amount of injections required.


The costs involved in this procedure include facility fees, medical tests, cost of the calcium hydroxylapatite, Dr. Jimerson’s fee and any medication or any additional treatment that may be required. Our staff will provide you with a detailed cost estimate for your procedure.

How calcium hydroxylapatite works
First used in surgery and dentistry, calcium hydroxylapatite is calcium-based microspheres that are suspended in a water-based gel. It boasts a long safety record.

Like some other types of semi-permanent dermal fillers, calcium hydroxylapatite has small particles in it that work to help your own collagen grow around the gel. Over a period of time, the particles dissolve through normal metabolic processes in the body.

Meeting with Dr. Jimerson
Prior to having calcium hydroxylapatite injections, you will have a consultation with Dr. Jimerson. This is an important appointment, as it will give you an opportunity to ask questions about the procedure and what you can expect from the surgery.

He will discuss you specific goals, take a medical history and review your current medications. Photos are usually taken, both before and after the surgery.

You will also be able to learn what options are available to you, along with the risks and possible complications of the procedure.

Why use Dr. Jimerson and the Advanced Plastic Surgery Solutions team?

Dr. Jimerson and his team have years of extensive training and experience in all areas of cosmetic surgery, liposuction and fat grafting. He has pioneered face and body sculpting techniques that bring patients exceptional, long-lasting results.

The team is committed to meet your unique needs, with a natural, long-lasting look. Because of his expertise, Dr. Jimerson offers patients reduced operative times, which means faster recovery times. In addition, he strives to use techniques that are safer than traditional procedures.

Schedule your appointment

he best way to determine if calcium hydroxylapatite is right for you is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jimerson. The doctor will discuss the procedure, evaluate your concerns relating to your body and answer any questions you may have. To schedule your appointment click here

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