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Fat Grafting to Butt and Hips Surgery

What is Fat Grafting to Butt and Hips Surgery?

Fat grafting to butt and hips is done to augment the body’s appearance. Fat grafting is a natural and effective way to get the beautifully sculpted body that you want, and can be used to enhance buttocks and hips. This is usually performed when the buttocks are flat and/or lack contour, and the hips are narrow and require augmentation.

Fat is taken from a donor site on the body, usually the abdomen or love handles, and grafted (reinjected) into the buttocks and hips. This provides volume and shape to the buttocks and hips that was not seen prior to the fat grafting.

Fat Grafting to Butt and Hips Cost
Costs can vary based on individual patient needs and the amount of surgery required.
The costs involved in this procedure include facility/hospital fees, medical tests, anesthesia fees, Dr. Jimerson’s fee and any medication or post-operative garments that may be required. Our staff will provide you with a detailed cost estimate for your procedure.
Fat Grafting to Butt and Hips Candidates
As with most elective cosmetic procedures, there are several basic criteria that determine if you’re a good candidate for a fat grafting to butt and hips procedure. They include:
Your skin has a fair amount of elasticity
You have enough fat from a donor site (love handles, abdomen, flank)
You want a more pleasing shape and contour to your buttocks and hips
You enjoy relatively good health without any medical conditions that could jeopardize your healing or present surgical risks
You’re a non-smoker (smoking can impair the healing process), and you have realistic expectations on what the surgery can do for you
Fat Grafting to Butt and Hips Recovery

After the surgery the area where the fat was taken from will be sore, but you usually won’t experience a lot of pain.
The biggest issue in recovery is you should not sit for more than 15 minutes during the two weeks following your procedure. That’s because the fat needs time to heal and become a part of the buttock and hip area. Lying on your stomach, back or side, standing and walking are all fine, but you must avoid sitting directly on your butt.

Generally, patients are able to return to work within 1-2 weeks. You will have some swelling and bruising, and it can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks for a full recovery.

Fat Grafting to Butt and Hips Results
After the procedure you will see a very meaningful, enhanced body shape. In addition to the new augmented area, you will also see an improvement in the body area that the fat was taken from, as the fat extraction will remove pockets of unwanted fat.
Your results will be visible immediately following your procedure, but it could take months for the final results to be visible. That’s because swelling needs to completely dissipate, and the fat needs to mold to your body’s tissue.
Fat Grafting to Butt and Hips Procedure Steps

You will discuss various anesthesia options with Dr. Jimerson, including sedation and general anesthesia. He will determine the best type of anesthesia based on the procedure, your health history and his preferences.

Fat will be taken from the donor site (abdomen, love handles, back) using liposuction. A small incision is made and Dr. Jimerson will use a cannula to extract the fat. The fat is then processed, and prepared for grafting.

Fat Grafting to Buttock and HipsFat Grafting to Buttock and Hips 2

Fat Grafting to Buttock and Hips 3 Fat Grafting to Buttock and Hips 4Fat Grafting to Buttock and Hips 5

You will have several different injection sites on your buttocks and in the hip area to transfer the fat back into your body. After the fat is grafted to the new area, a compression garment will be placed on you. Bandages will be placed on the donor sites where incisions were made.

You will be able to see the results of buttock augmentation immediately after surgery, but the final results may take up to a year to be visible, as it takes time for the fat that is injected to “take.”

Fat Grafting to Butt and Hips Risks and Safety Information

As with any surgical procedure, there are some potential risks or complications. You have to determine if the benefits that you’ll obtain from your procedure outweigh the risks involved.
Dr. Jimerson and his trained staff will do everything possible to minimize risks and postoperative complications. Risks of the procedure may include:

Anesthesia • Bleeding • Infection • • Bruising • Fat embolism • Fluid shifting or lidocaine toxicity • Liposuction complications • Asymmetry • Stretch marks or cellulite
It’s important to discuss any concerns you have with Dr. Jimerson prior to your surgery. If you have a question – please ask!

Preparing for Fat Grafting to Butt and Hip Surgery

What happens prior to fat grafting to butt and hip surgery? You will have lab tests, and the doctor may have you take new medications or adjust the medications that you’re currently taking.
If you smoke, you must stop several weeks prior the surgery, as it can severely impeded the healing process.

Finally, you should arrange to have someone available to drive you home after your surgery, and to be with you for the first night.

Fat Grafting to Butt and Hips Words to Know
Fat grafting: also called fat transfer, is taking fat from one area of the body and grafting it (injecting it) into another area of the body
Local anesthetic: an injection using medications like lidocaine to eliminate pain in a specific area of the body
Cannula: an instrument used by Dr. Jimerson to suction out fat from the donor site


Donor site: the area of the body where fat will be taken, such as the abdomen, love handles, flank or thighs

Liposuction: the procedure that removes fat from a donor site using suction and a cannula

Questions to ask Dr. Jimerson
Dr. Jimerson and his team have years of extensive training and experience in all areas of cosmetic surgery, liposuction and fat grafting. He has pioneered face and body sculpting techniques that bring patients exceptional, long-lasting results.
The team is committed to meet your unique needs, with a natural, long-lasting look. Because of his expertise, Dr. Jimerson offers patients reduced operative times, which means faster recovery times. In addition, he strives to use techniques that are safer than traditional procedures
Schedule a Consultation

The best way to determine if fat grafting for butt and hips is right for you is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jimerson. The doctor will discuss the procedure, evaluate your concerns relating to your body and answer any questions you may have. To schedule your appointment, click here.