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Body Lift

What is a body lift?


A body lift is designed to improve the shape and overall tone of the tissues that support skin and fat. The procedure removes excess sagging fat and skin and treats conditions that are caused by poor tissue elasticity. In addition to removing excess sagging fat and skin, the various body lift procedures can also improve dimpled, irregular skin surfaces, also known as cellulite.

The various body lift procedures used by Dr. Jimerson may include:

Abdominal area: this can be treated locally, or incisions can be made around the sides and into the lower back area. Fat is removed and skin is tightened.
Buttocks: this will treat various problem areas, like flat, low or unevenly shaped buttocks.
Groin: often skin may sag down into the inner thigh. This skin is tightened and/or removed for a more pleasing appearance.
Thigh: this is used to treat the inner, outer or posterior thigh, as well as the thigh’s overall circumference.
Please note that a body lift is not designed strictly to remove excess fat. If there is good skin elasticity, then liposuction will be used to remove the excess fat deposits. When skin elasticity is poor, then liposuction will be used in combination with various body lift procedures.

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