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Beauty Is Currency Among Instagram’s Elite Plastic Surgeons

Beauty Is Currency Among Instagram’s Elite Plastic Surgeons

Beauty Is Currency Among Instagram’s Elite Plastic Surgeons

by: Nadia Elysse (Culture Trip)

“How plastic surgeons are reinvigorating their craft by live streaming operations and ‘gramming before/after results.

Plastic surgery in the mainstream

Cosmetic surgery isn’t the taboo topic it once was, and it also isn’t as expensive as one might imagine. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average breast augmentation surgery costs about $3,700. Thanks to Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj, plump butts are in style, and the average buttock augmentation surgery will set you back about $4,500. Apps and filters re-instated facelifts on the list of the most requested cosmetic procedures in 2016, and they cost about $7,000.

Elective surgeries like these are not typically covered by insurance, so it may seem a bit pricey to pay that much out of pocket for a procedure. But many Americans are just a large gift or work bonus away from the breasts, butt, and face they’ve always wanted.

With such relatively reasonable price tags, everyone from celebrities to the average joe has access to cosmetic procedures, and with that access has come increased visibility. “Plastic surgeon” is among an increasing number of “social media famous” career choices (right up there with model and “influencer”), where posting results and growing a following can lead to some pretty big business—as well as notoriety.

Andrew “Dr. Curves” Jimerson is an example of social media success. The Atlanta-based plastic surgeon has over 200,000 followers on Instagram, which include, like Dr. Miami, everyday people and celebrities alike. Jimerson says that the significance of extending his social media reach is not lost on him. In fact, it’s at the heart of his business. When followers see people like them getting procedures that they’d never heard of, they want to know more.

“I think that my practice has been built on results, and my marketing has been built on social media,” Jimerson says. “So we use social media heavily to inform our patients. Some of our patients have been following us for for years. I think it’s brought a lot of people to plastic surgery … who would not normally have it because they get to see it and they start building trust with our practice and also have confidence in what we’re doing.”

“I think [social media has] made a huge difference, both positive and negative,” Andrew Jimerson (“Dr. Curves”) tells Culture Trip. “It can have a negative effect because sometimes it gives people who are not authorities on the topic a voice. You know, sometimes those people can seem like authorities when they’re actually not.”

As his name suggests, “Dr. Curves” specializes in body enhancements from the neck down. His market in Atlanta, where big butts are both plentiful and desired, is perfect for his clientele.”

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