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60 Pounds Down and Ready For Her J Curve

60 Pounds Down and Ready For Her J Curve

After this patient consistently went to the gym in order to enhance her appearance, she stopped by the Curves factory to finish her transformation. She lost over 60lbs and kept the weight off by sticking to her fitness routine. Watch as she gets curved out and is over joyed with her results at her 1 week post op. Even though she is still swollen, you can see her results are AMAZING!

Who can be a candidate for a Fat Transfer?

It is important that a fat transfer procedure is used for the right purposes and commonly it is used to rectify areas of the body that lack dimensions. It can be used on those individuals who have facial areas that have sunken or have creases as it provides a more longer lasting correction than fillers. Perhaps an individual has scars, bodily depressions or feels that their hands and face require rejuvenation, if this is the case then a fat transfer procedure can make a real difference.
Women now want slightly fuller breasts (a moderate increase of one size), can consider the procedure, if they also have their corresponding fat provisions. If you are a woman or a man and want to reshape your bottom, but don’t want any gluteal implants, the Curves factory is here at your service.

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