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Breast Augmentation

Advanced Plastic Surgery Solution is Atlanta’s newest plastic surgery practice specialized in the latest techniques for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, Andrew Jimerson ||. MD brings his outstanding training with him to this John’s Creek practice. Dr. Jimerson…

About Us


People have always wanted to look younger or feel better about their appearance. Traditional plastic surgery procedures only took into account the excisional component of correction. This often left unnatural looking, operated on appearances. In 2006, a young lady was presented to Dr. Jimerson for tummy tuck and liposuction of her love handles. She jokingly asked Dr. Jimerson if he could use the fat that he got from the liposuction to enhance her buttocks. At the time, the plastic surgery community knew very little about this procedure. However, because Dr. Jimerson is an innovator, he agreed to preform the procedure for her.

Having a sexy butt is something that many people desire. What may surprise you, however, is that the aesthetics of the buttock are not exclusively impacted by the gluteal muscles. Of course, the shape and size of these muscles are important, but they are just one of many factors to consider.


Reshape your buttock for a sexy back side


Change the shape and appearance of your breasts with a fast, safe and effective breast augmentation.

The breast augmentation procedure has evolved significantly since it was first developed. Today, we use much safer and less invasive techniques, which allow for much better and more natural looking results.

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Pretty Sweet

What is Pretty Dr. Jimerson and staff were all so helpful, caring and the best ever!!!!! Any question or concern, they have an answer and solution. The establishment has to be one of the best I have ever visited and not to mention extremely professional. I highly recommended anyone looking into having any procedure done please make this your one and only stop, you will be grateful that you did. DR. J is AWESOME!! I do not live in the Atlanta area so of course I asked for references of recovery places and one I had come across in my own research came HIGHLY recommended from Dr. Jimerson's office, The New You Recovery House. This had to be meant for me in the stars, Mrs. Marcella and staff at The New You Recovery House teamed with Advanced Plastic Surgery Solutions is the VIP treatment that anyone could ever ask for. THANK YOU!!


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Advanced Plastic Surgery Solution is Atlanta’s newest plastic surgery practice specialized in the latest techniques

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Never Be Ashamed To Go Shirtless Again !! If you feel uncomfortable with your appearance,, it can be very difficult to be apart of social events or even work related daily activities

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